We have also made our History curriculum bespoke to St Paul’s. During. In KS1 we feel the topics such as Nurturing Nurses, War and Remembrance and local history topics such as the Year 2 unit on ‘The Kays’ family ties in with our schools nurturing values and offer important links with our local area.

In KS2 we also chose certain topics such as the Year 6 topic of immigration through the ages as we have a lot of pupils who are new arrivals to the country join our school and we feel it is important to show children how important immigration is how it has impacted on British History. Units of work such as Henry VIII (Changing power of a Monarch) was chosen as it covers the origins of our church and how it was built based on love. This is vital as our churches beliefs and teachings are the thread that runs through the whole of our curriculum. 

In our history curri culum