We aim to make our children fluent in solving calculations involving the fours mathematical operations and to equip them with the tools to solve a variety of problems. 

Developing problem solving is a thread that runs through all of our maths lessons. Children are constantly challenged to explain why, to prove how they know, to convince others that they are correct and to find all possible outcomes. 

Through our maths model, children encounter maths basic skills every day, working on calculations as well as known facts, as well as problem solving. They practice times tables or number facts daily and tackle new learning that builds on their previous experiences. Time is taken to allow children to work through issues they encountered in prior learning and to enable them to take steps to correct or understand better their issues. Misconceptions are addressed by staff with individuals, groups or the whole class. 

Children are usually taught maths at an age related level, although sometimes teachers will move back a step or more to fill gaps in learning. Where this is the case, the aim is to move to the age related learning when the children are able. 

We base our teaching on the White Rose Maths Hub Schemes of Learning from Reception – Year 6. We usually follow the suggested order for teaching different topics, but there is room for teachers to swap units where they feel it is appropriate for their children or their setting.