In Science, we have developed a long term (see curriculum overview) and medium term plans, which outline the learning objectives to be taught in each year group. The objectives are derived from the National Curriculum for KS1 and KS2.The medium term plans are detailed in our Science Knowledge Progression Maps and our Science Skills Progression Maps. 

Our Science Knowledge Progression Map show the clear expectations of the learning objectives for each year group in the areas of Biology, Chemistry and Physics through school – which also shows the progression through school. 

Our Science Skills Progression Map also details the progression of key skills in: 

  • Asking questions and carrying out fair and comparative tests, 
  • Observing and measuring changes, 
  • Identifying , classifying , recording and presenting data, 
  • Drawing conclusions, noticing patterns and presenting findings and using scientific evidence and secondary sources. 

Teachers will compile their short term planning for the area of science they are teaching from these ‘ Science Knowledge and Skills Progression Maps.’