Good attendance is vital for children to learn and achieve.  We work hard with our families to ensure that we overcome any barriers they may be experiencing, to ensure that their children are in school

St Paul’s Whole School Attendance Target is 96%.

Once a child’s attendance drops below 93%, the family will be invited into school for an initial meeting.

Ensuring Good Attendance 

For all children to do their best at school it is so important that they attend school regularly and are always on time. 

We know that young children can become poorly and they may need time off school to get better. This is reflected in our school target for every child to have at least 96% attendance. However, regular time off will seriously affect their learning and could affect their emotional wellbeing. Sometimes it is hard for a child to return to school when they regularly have time off. 

Regular Attendance is so Important 

Making sure that your child comes to school on time every day is your legal responsibility and keeping your child off from school without good reason is an offence in law. Persistant absence results in a meeting with the school’s Attendance Officer and may lead to you being prosecuted – which of course is something that we want to avoid. 

If your child is absent from school because he/she is ill you must ring school and tell us why they are away.