What does a School Councillor do? 

Our School Councillors: 

  • Go to School Council meetings and takes part in discussions. 
  • Let his/her class know what was discussed at the meetings. 
  • Listen to the people in his/her class and take their views back to the school council. 
  • Get involved with projects run by the School Council. 

What is a School Council? 

Our school council is made up of elected children from each year group from Year 1 to Year 6. 

The school council meets once every 2 weeks to discuss issues and the views of the children of the school. The school council’s main aim is to make St Paul’s a better place. 

Miss North runs the school council; they meet once a week. 

Each year an election is held in each class to elect 2 members from each class. The children have to present to the class why they would make a good school councilor. This is called their manifesto. 

The two children with the most votes are elected as their class School Councillors. 


Why do we need a School Council? 

We need a School Council because: 

  • Everyone is an important part of our school. Children should all have a say in how the school is run. 
  • Children have a right to be listened to. 
  • Children have some great ideas. 
  • Children might notice things which need changing that adults are not aware of. 
  • Adults don’t always have the answers. Children can help them to see things differently. 
  • Decisions made in school affects us all. Children should have a say in decisions that affect them. 
  • Teachers do not have enough time to listen to everyone’s ideas separately. A council meeting can bring all those ideas together. 
  • Everyone has the right to express his or her own opinions. 
  • We can all help to make our school better.